Cross/Section invites residents of Main Square to adorn a storefront display with personal items that tell a story about their identity and culture forming a mosaic which embodies the diversity of this community.

Cross/Section offers a glimpse into the homes and lives of Main Square residents. A storefront window box display provides a framework for nine families who have been invited to adorn the inside of each frame with personal items such as tea-sets, fabrics, photographs or other objects that tell a story about their identity, culture and values. As a whole, the display is intended to form an abstract mosaic which illustrates the diversity present in the Main Square community.

Cross/Section is not only a depiction of a building cross-section but also a cross-section of Toronto’s population as represented in the varied makeup of this community.




Artist: Aaron Hendershott

BIO: Aaron Hendershott is a local architect with a background encompassing fashion, digital media, and public art. His work focuses on interaction, inclusiveness, storytelling, and the relationship between art, architecture, and public space. He is one of the organizers of the annual Winterstations competition and has received the Ontario Association of Architects Award and Toronto Urban Design Award for his work in public art. As a resident of the Main and Danforth community he is familiar with both the vibrancy and the challenges the Main Square community and is excited at the opportunity of exhibiting work in his neighbourhood.