Call for Collaborators


Tell your story!

We are inviting up to 9 residents of the Main Square community to participate in an upcoming exhibit for the Main Squared Festival taking place from August 26 –September 3, 2017. As part of a storefront exhibition entitled Cross/Section, we are asking volunteers to become co‐collaborators of the artwork.

These volunteers will be invited to adorn a frame measuring roughly 30” wide x 18” high x 12” deep with everyday objects found around their apartments. The purpose is to tell a story about their identity, culture, and history forming a composition which will sit alongside the frames from other families to reveal the diversity of the Main Square community.

Some examples of possible items are fabrics, photos, tea‐sets, statues, drawings, postcards, memorabilia, or any other item that reveals something important about your identity and values. An example of one possible arrangement is seen below.

Each volunteer is asked to donate around 4‐8 items for the duration of the festival to be placed in each frame. All donated items will be returned immediately after the event. With the help of the lead artist, Aaron Hendershott, you will meet during the week leading up to the opening (August 23, 24) to arrange your display. While open to public viewing, these items will be secure in a locked storefront and won’t be accessible to the public.

Interested parties should send an e‐mail to or phone 416‐799‐0330 confirming your willingness to participate and to receive further details.