Interactive Sound Table

Interactive Sound Table is collaborative music creation at your fingertips! Play some music with your peers by touching conductive elements on a sound table.

Interactive Sound Table was designed to reproduce a designer’s work environment, reminding us to play and interact with components normally affiliated to specific productivity tasks, and approach them as musical tools. It reminds us to reconnect or remain connected and interact with everyday objects and our neighbours the way our inner child would.

Artist: DJ Mini

BIO: Evelyne Drouin is the un-categorizable artist, whose style and approach to sound have earned her an international reputation under the brand of DJ Mini. With an extensive knowledge of music crafting and media arts, and having dabbled in circuit bending and advanced audio technology, Evelyne sculpts textural sonic environments, soundscapes, hybrids, and installations that actively respond to the participant.

Evelyne is currently an artist in residence at the Silver Mill, a transdisciplinary art centre near Main & Danforth. Her technical and musical skills have been instrumental in defining the signature of several past productions of ‘The Silver Mill Productions’ (formally known as ‘Theatre POD’ in Montreal before its official relocation to Toronto in 2015). Aside from her involvement in future artistic projects at the Mill, Evelyne also sits on its Advisory Committee where she acts as a consultant guiding the digital arts component of the strategic plan. Starting in the Fall of 2017, Evelyne will also be hosting the first Digital DJ Camps which is presented as part of a series of workshops that connect Toronto’s creative community with some specialists from the Digital Arts community in Montreal.

Photo Credit/Crédits Photos: Sébastien Roy