Intertwined is a whimsical and interactive art installation made of glowing hula hoops of various sizes and fluorescent colours, animating the public square during the day and night.

During the day, the natural light casts a playful hop-scotch on the ground of the installation, to further extend a playful gesture. At night, the square is animated by the glowing effect of the fluorescent hoops with exposure to black light. While the hula hoop itself is an object associated with play, its circular shape is identified with the notions of community and belonging.

The three screen-like panels are carefully designed to reflect the neighbourhood’s identity. The orange, pink, white, and blue colours of the hoops reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the community. The floating canopy imitates the sky and clouds while providing a sense of shelter for the visitors. People of all ages can appreciate the structure for its playful, colourful, or contemplative nature.

A public square is a place for community gatherings, where social engagement and play are encouraged.

On the evening of Friday, September 1, there will be hula hoops and glow-in-the-dark necklaces for the public to wear (and share!) while enjoying live musical performances at the festival.

Artist: Kanchan Quinlan

BIO: Kanchan Quinlan, an Indo-Canadian Architectural Designer, is the Founder of In [Between] Spaces based in Toronto. Through effective community engagement practices in the design process, In [Between] Spaces provides an element of storytelling to the space itself and for the users of the built environment. Kanchan’s inspiration for designing architectural spaces is drawn from the natural environment around us including nature and geometric forms. She sees beauty in simplicity and creates meaningfulness from abstract forms. It is the in-between spaces, whether public or private, inside or outside, and temporary or permanent that challenge and drive her design projects.

Kanchan’s diverse education background in architecture, psychology, and history coupled with traveling experiences around the world, have shed light into the influence and connection between people, cultures, and the built environment. Kanchan’s passion for architecture is rooted in her belief that shelter creates unity amongst communities. Her Masters thesis entitled Ritual Architecture focussed on a community driven Temple project in Northern India. This developed her interest in public architecture and community engagement in the design process.

In 2013, Kanchan co-founded a design initiative called CODesign in Montreal, where she worked as an Architectural Designer on community projects and design competitions for underused public spaces. Her installation called Mot à Mot /Word to Word was launched in June 2015 in the City of Pincourt in Quebec. This community micro-library or book exchange structure was done in collaboration with the local Girl Guides to revitalize a park. In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Kanchan’s public art installation entitled My Canada Is was unveiled in the City of Mississauga in a public square in June 2017. It will be on display for the summer for the public to visit. |