Inverting Perspectives

Inverting Perspectives sheds light on Main Square’s public space by altering vacant advertising sites on its main sign. The project aims to readdress the current and projected use of this particular public space.

By adding additional messages to its main sign, the project uses text to alter the viewer’s experience of the space. The statements utilize word play, reflecting, and connecting to the physical use of the square. This, in conjunction with fresh, contrasting colour, will attempt to ignite the possibility of a perspective shift.

Artist Statement: A built-in feature of any belief is that you believe it to be true, whether it is or not. By examining the human experience and focusing on the inter-connective nature of beliefs, physical space and perception we look to create work that is a facilitator towards reshaping our viewer’s experience. Belief systems influence our observation of the world— which in turn re-enforces how we construct our environment, culture and values. As conceptual artists we repeatedly reflect on how the authority of constructed space, the objects therein and our social systems influence who we are in the world and how we perceive each other in turn. We prompt those who experience our work to actively rethink these systems. By altering familiar entry points (such as advertisements and the language of messaging) we hope to question what is truly valuable.


BIO: St Marie φ Walker began exclusively collaborating in 2010 as the Toronto based collective TIMEANDDESIRE. Since that time they have installed art interventions in Japan, Chicago, Las Vegas, Victoria, The Canadian Prairies, Windsor, Toronto, and Montreal. They have exhibited their work in notable galleries such as the Art Gallery of Windsor, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Thames Art Gallery, Markham Museum, Whippersnapper, Harbourfront Centre, Latcham Gallery and art events such as Nuit Blanche Toronto, Art in Transit, and the Toronto Urban Film Festival. In 2016 they collaboratively worked with New York based artist Steve Lambert to produce art intervention works for the International Aids Conference in South Africa. In 2017 the pair debuted their collaborative Masters work The Re-examined Life at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery (UWAG).