Let’s All Meet Here!

Let’s All Meet Here! is a mural that aspires to draw in community and visitors to enjoy the festivities at Main Squared Festival.

Let’s All Meet Here! is a bold text mural made of glitter and bright colours that entices the public to come gather at Main Squared Festival to explore and participate in its festivities. Located at an entry point to the square, the mural reads ‘Let’s All Meet Here!’, drawing people into the heart of the plaza where they will discover a space transformed by art installations, interventions, and performances. The mural reminds us of what a public square could or should be; a place for meeting and gathering, civic engagement, and a place for conversation between neighbours, community, and people passing through.

This mural, like much of James’ work, playfully connects people to art, using public space as a departure point for civic engagement. She strives to enable opportunities for community to come together for social discourse, and creative co-creation, bridging art and community. As Co-founder of the Open Field Collective, her goal is to bring contemporary art right onto the streets. This civic-minded volunteer operation involves installing mini-galleries on people’s front yards in Toronto and Guelph, and local residents have become very attached to their “neighbourhood galleries”.

Also known as street artist NIXO, James animates and explores the use of public space through her on-going guerilla Community Engagement Series. In these impromptu acts, NIXO uses text, sculpture, and painting as a means of interfacing with the public and exploring notions of morality, social attitudes, and slice-of-life situations.

Artist: Erika James

BIO: Erika James strives to connect community to art by encouraging people to engage in their public spaces. As Co-founder of the Open Field Collective, James brings art right onto the streets by programming mini-installations in people’s front yards. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and art festivals such as Nuit Blanche, Hamilton Supercrawl Festival, McMaster Museum of Art, Animating Our Waterfront Festival, Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant, Harcourt House, and she has a permanent public art installation at the Holland Bloorview Hospital. James is also known as street artist NIXO.