Life Size Collage

Life Size Collage invites everyone to join in collaboratively building a diorama which will transform an empty storefront into a world which comes alive when we let ourselves mix imagination and play with glue, tape, and anything we can find!

Cutting and piecing together images from magazines, visitors are invited to co-create a sprawling life sized collage installation that will span across one of the Main Squared storefront space windows. Throughout the first few days of the festival, the installation will evolve, with community members constantly adding picture cut-outs and the artists occasionally aiding by moving and changing the arrangements. With imagery taken from various sources, from National Geographic, to comic books, fashion, and architectural magazines, the installation will create a playful landscape of our culture, where world events, pop stars, and imagery of the everyday will be in contrast. The clippings will intersect and attach to each other from all directions, attached to dowels or hanging from the ceiling, providing many ways for the installation to continually be remixed, moved, added to and changed.

The evolution of this life size collage will come into being much like a performance piece; its creation can be planned, but will ultimately result from the improvised interactions between the artists and the participation of the public. This creation process will be documented by the artists using time-lapse photography and stop motion animations, with a finished time lapse video. The video will be screened during the final weekend of the festival, for passersby to watch the playful process of how the life sized collage evolved.

Artists: Emily Harrison & Tara Dorey

BIO: Both Tara and Emily are visual artists with backgrounds in fine art, collaborative mural making, and public art.

Tara Dorey has been working in the community arts field since 2012, after graduating from OCAD University with a BFA in Drawing and Painting, alongside York University’s Community Arts Practice Certificate. Her work with the public and community based art includes roles of program direction, management, facilitation, and arts education on murals, art programs, projects for groups such as Mural Routes, VIBE Arts for Children and Youth, Nuit Blanche, OCAD Student Gallery, and Toronto District School Board. | Instagram: @tara.dorey | Twitter: @taradorey

Emily Harrison has recently graduated with a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University, in addition to a degree in Urban Geography from Vancouver Island University. For the past four years, since moving to Toronto, Emily has been working as an artist educator with Mural Routes, VIBE Arts, and in the AGO’s Education Department. Both artists are interested in further exploring how to connecting their art practices to the public in re-imagining urban environments. They are excited for opportunities to branch out beyond more traditional art education, to try out ideas for experimentation, creative play, and public engagement. | Instagram: @emilygharrison