Living Text

Living Text will be grown inside the “The Pit” (an abandoned courtyard) to emphasize the marginalized life found at the periphery of urban spaces.

Small edible plants will be densely grown on a modular raised garden bed. From the ledges surrounding the lower space of “The Pit”, an area that was once an outdoor courtyard but now sits empty and inaccessible, viewers will begin to discern the shapes of letters emerging as the plants sprout forth.

The text is grown on the floor of “The Pit” over the course of the exhibition and is harvested just before the closing reception and served as a small meal to the guests who wish to partake. Not only is the text an opportunity for critical engagement of the space but it can also be an apt symbolic metaphor for the consumption (and nourishing nature) of art, dialogue, and food; all of which enable a more fully functioning civic space.


Artist: Paul Chartrand

BIO: Paul Chartrand works with constructed habitats built from found objects and integrated living components. His projects include various mediums and practical methodologies but focus particularly on sculpture and drawing. Paul finds inspiration in the blurry definitions of culture and nature; intending for his work to foster dialogue regarding this problematic dichotomy. Paul recently completed his Master of Fine Arts degree at Western University. He has exhibited at galleries including the Roadside Attractions (Toronto), Xpace Cultural Centre (Toronto), Younger Than Beyonce Gallery (Toronto), Boarding House Gallery (Guelph), Artlab and Satellite Gallery(London), Idea Exchange (Cambridge), and the CAFKA Biennial in Kitchener.