Main Stage Monologues

Main Stage Monologues will present works of fiction which are inspired by the stories that have been discovered and shared during workshops with community members. A number of different “every people” will be introduced as newly-imagined residents, created by the energies and memories of the current residents. Monologues will be written and directed by Rosemary Doyle of Red Sandcastle Theatre, and performed by professional and amateur actors from the community. The monologue performances will share these reimagined stories, experiences, and themes inspired by members of the community and the tapestry of life at Main.

* 5:00pm, Friday, September 1 – all 8 monologues
* 6:30pm, Friday, September 1 – all 8 monologues
* 1:15pm, Saturday, September 2 – a selection of 4 monologues
* 2:45pm, Saturday, September 2 – a selection of 4 monologues
* 12:30pm, Sunday, September 3 – a selection of 4 monologues
* 2:30pm, Sunday, September 3 – a selection of 4 monologues

BIO: Rosemary Doyle founded the Red Sandcastle Theatre in 2011, after being in theatre for 80% of her life and counting. Notable roles created by Rosemary include: Jane in My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding, Fringe, Mirvish, and A.L.P. for Finnegan’s Wake, at the Grand Theatre, Tarragon. Doyle has won seven 24 hour play-writing contests. This love of instant creation inspired her to create the “THOUSAND MONKEYS PLAY-WRITING FESTIVAL” which takes place over the August Long weekend, in which playwrights spend 24 hours at the Red Sandcastle Theatre to write a play. The plays are then read for the public in a 2-day marathon and one of the plays is chosen to get a full production in the following year. She also creates new work with her “PLAY IN A WEEK CAMP” that creates a play from nothing to full production in 5 days. Because of her love and talent for creation, she has been referred to as the “patron saint of indie theatre”, a nickname she works hard to live up to.