You Are Invited

You Are Invited is a day of birthday parties and interactive games where you can be a guest or the birthday girl or boy. Bring your friends and make new ones as we explore the community-making ritual of birthday parties.

Among children there is no greater unifying community event than the birthday party. The markers of a birthday party are recognizable to all and its rituals are part of a familiar and comforting narrative. At its best, it’s a tool for inclusiveness, collective memory, and group identity. A birthday party can also claim a public space.

“You Are Invited” is a day of birthday parties as an interactive social experiment. Participants can choose to be guests or the birthday girl or boy. There will be cake, singing, loot bags, and games of musical chairs, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, and pass the parcel. By opening up the discourse on the personal and social meaning of birthdays, we’ll create a space for spontaneous games introduced by our guests based on their own family and cultural traditions.

We remember all the birthdays, a day that’s like and unlike all the others. Relive your best birthday party or have the birthday party you never had, create the party you’ve always wanted as you join us in exploring the community-making ritual of the birthday party.

* Pinata-Making workshop Saturday, August 26, 12-3pm
* Birthday party celebrations Sunday, August 27, every hour on the hour between 11am & 4pm.


Artist: Vivian Wong

BIO: Vivian Wong is an artist, arts educator, and workshop facilitator. As founder of Wabi-Sabi Collective, she has animated spaces for Nuit Blanche Toronto and Culture Days Ontario with interactive and ephemeral public installations and community art. “You Are Invited” is a collaboration with her two children, Daniel and Elisabeth, and is inspired by Elisabeth, who loves many things like art, music, and ballet, but birthday parties and cake most of all. Elisabeth will be in grade 4 in September and Daniel will be in grade 7. Daniel’s first public art project, a snail intervention to draw attention to the unseen and ordinary beauty in the urban wilderness, consisted of hundreds of origami snails and was part of Grow Op 2017 at the Gladstone Hotel.